Strategic Priorities

And phase one action plans to support them…

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Elevate well-being as essential, so each student and staff member can thrive.

  • Establish and publish a well-being framework
  • Complete steps 1 and 2 (Empathize and Design) in the five-step design thinking process toward a revised model for delivering curriculum and programs at ASB
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Sustain an inclusive, equitable, and just (JEDI) school and professional experience.

  • Publish two data audits: 1. Safety at ASB. Diversity at ASB
    Launch a communication plan to socialize and educate the community around JEDI efforts at ASB
  • Launch a shared space where the community can see ASB’s JEDI efforts, can access resources, and can contribute to the work
  • Establish a framework and protocol for managing and resolving conflict

Calibrate the learning experience to meet the dynamic needs of each individual student.

  • Design and map the elements and infrastructure of a student data function
  • Define what ASB means by personalization, allowing for a curriculum and
    programmatic audit (of what exists) in the next school year
  • Design the elements of a comprehensive, schoolwide review of ASB’s High Ability (HA) program, for a full review in the next school year
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Empower students to drive and co-create key aspects of their learning experience.

  • Adopt and use a common protocol to then empower students to rewrite at least one policy, procedure, or guideline at each division, as chosen by the students themselves
  • Hold a second SOLVE@ASB event, and document on the SOLVE website

Establish authentic connections between the school and our host-country.

  • Create a concept design for a December 2023 launch of The India House on both campuses
  • Reinforce ASB’s Community Social Responsibility (CSR) program with additional support, and design the elements of a comprehensive, schoolwide review of the CSR program, for a full review in the next school year
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