2023 Marks the Presentation of the School's Fifth Strategic Plan.

The strategic plan supports the American School of Bombay in achieving its vision while ensuring present and future sustainability. The strategic plan is a living document that acts as a roadmap for driving the mission of the School. The plan helps articulate and achieve goals that support this mission under current and future conditions.

From the conception of the first plan in 2006 - centered on major foundational work, engaging the community in clarifying our School's mission, core values, and organizational structure - to the present reputation ASB enjoys as a school that leads learning, innovation, inclusionary practice, diverse programing, and attracts and supports some of the world's best educators, ASB strategic plans have successfully guided our School for over 15 years.

Embedded in each plan has been a relentless focus on student learning that has facilitated the development of dynamic learning pathways, with student voice and choice empowering our learners to pursue passions and challenge themselves to continual growth.

Alongside this focus, ASB's strategic plans have brought intentionality to our drive for strong connections and partnerships with our host nation, a deeper appreciation of Indian culture, and an understanding of local communities through reciprocal relationships and collaborative experiences.

ASB's strategic plans have enabled our School to establish world-class facilities and rich technology environments alongside programs known throughout international schools as models that facilitate inclusivity and relevant learning. ASB has become a center of learning for educators and a beacon of education internationally by modeling research-driven practices, exemplified by our value proposition:

We are what School should be.

ASB's adept fiscal management enabled the School to emerge from the challenges of the world-wide pandemic in a strong position. Acting with grace and integrity, the School made some difficult personnel decisions as we experienced a decline in enrollment. At the same time, our School excelled in meeting the educational and health-related challenges of this time, maintaining continuity of the student experience in concert with an unambiguous approach to on-campus health and safety.

As we reflect on some of the cultural and societal shifts that have occurred in the last few years - particularly the essential nature of student and community voice in addressing equity, inclusion, and the diverse identities we recognize - our upcoming plan will continue to address notions of empathy & resilience in the face of challenge.

Driven by the aspirations of our Vision for the School in 2027, the School is committed to providing the platform for our learners to be:

  • Intrinsically Motivated
  • Adaptable and Resilient
  • Self Aware
  • Empathetic
  • Reflective

With our new strategic plan, our School is poised to successfully respond to the changing landscape in education, to the needs and diverse identities of our constituents, and to build on the strengths of equity and inclusion in a multicultural and diverse community. Most of all, this strategic plan moves ASB closer to delivering on its mission for each and every student.